Joel Shatzky

Other Works

Theresienstadt: Hitler’s “Gift“ to the Jews by Norbert Troller.Ed. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 1991. Reissued, 2004.

Contemporary Jewish-American Novelists and Contemporary Jewish-American Dramatists and Poets. Ed. With Michael Taub. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.:Greenwood Press, 1997, 1999.

Facing Multiple Sclerosis: Our Longest Journey. With Dorothy Shatzky. San Francisco: Drybones Press, 1999.

The Thinking Crisis: The Disconnection of Teaching and Learning in Today’s Schools. With T. Ellen Hill. New York: IUniverse Press, 2001.

Iago’s Tale: A Novel. San Franciso: Drybones Press, 2002.

Well of Evil (Young Adult Novel) N and S Publishers, 2004.

Common Sense: What America Must Do to Save Democracy with a preface by Stephen Bronner. N and S Publishers, 2004.

Protective Custody Prisoner 34042 by Susan Cernyak-Spatz. Ed. N and S Publishers, 2005. Ich wollte leben 2nd. Editon 2009 Metropol Verlag

Eternal Duet: The Story of Robert and Clara Schumann. With Joanne Napoli. N and S Publishers, 2005.

Option Three: A Novel about the University. N and S Publishers, 2005.

Intelligent Design: A Fable (Science Fiction). N and S Publishers, 2007.

WAM! A Novel about Genius. N and S Publishers, 2008.

Sophia: An Epic of Art, Love, War and Revolution. N and S Publishers, 2010.

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