Joel Shatzky

Performed Plays (1969-2007)

Full Productions in Boldface

  • All the Angles-2 females, 1 male A writer wrestles with his work, wife and mistress. Perf: Exit Theatre, L.A. 1991; Improv Theatre, S.F., 1992.
  • Amahlia-2 males, 1 female An old love reappears in the life of a diplomat who tries to prevent her from making trouble for the future leader of a Latin country. Perf. Third Street Theatre, Ithaca, N.Y.; 1983, Impact Theater, NYC-Jan. 2007; Thirteenth Street. Rep, NYC; April, 2007.

  • Atonement-4 males, 1 female A dying conductor confronts his past through a memory of his father, and his future in his relationship to his young son. Perf. Staged reading-NYC, 1985. Queens Players, NYC-August, 2007.

  • Cortland-2000: Ensemble The bicentennial play for Cortland County. Perf. Cortland, N.Y. 1976.

  • Edge of the Volcano-3 males, 3 females Six college students study for finals and tensions build as they discover more about themselves and each other. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1980.

  • Emperor of the West End-large cast A group of residents at a nursing home in NYC take it over and run it themselves. Published by International Drama, 1976,but never performed.

  • Exchanges: 2 male, 3 female-An absurdist play about changes in personality between two couples. Perf. SUNY, Potsdam, 1974.

  • Fathers-2 male, 2 female A family has to get the husband’s live-in father to accept the fact that they are moving away from him. Perf. Jewish Community Theatre, Charlotte, N.C. 1985.

  • The Gesellschaft-large cast. A farce about a machine that can "clone" anything or one that enters it where the twin is the reverse personality of the original. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1975.

  • Girls of Summer-1 male, 3 females The adventures of three wives of major league ballplayers through a pennant-fever season. Staged Reading, Cortland, 1980. Perf. Impact Theatre, July, 2007.

  • Good People: 3 male, 3 female-a black comedy about the effect on two families when the alcoholic husband of one accidentally kills the wife of the other. Reading. Syracuse, N.Y. 1985.

  • Hallways-4 males, 4 females A theatre-in-the-round farce in which the stage is split and the exit of the actors on one side is their entrance onto the other. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1977.

  • It’s a Clean, Well-Lighted Place: 3 male 3 female An absurdist play set in a café in London. Perf. ICA Theatre, London, 1975.

  • The Last Season-5 males, 4 females An adaptation of Chekhov’s "The Cherry Orchard" which takes place in the Catskills at an old bungalow colony during the NYC fiscal crisis of 1976. Staged reading, NYC, 1980.

  • Nazi-3 males, 1 female A former Nazi is confronted by his past when the son of one of his victims makes an appearance. Perf. Society Hill Playhouse, Philadelphia, June, 1983;Staged reading, Genesis Productions, Chicago, June, 2013.

  • Other People- 4 males, 2 females After a hunting "accident" the son of the man he shot returns home after having lived in a religious cult for the previous year. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1981, Syracuse, Salt City Center, 1982. Impact Theater, NYC., April, 2008.

  • Orphans-6 females An adopted Vietnamese girl is beginning to remember what had happened to her when she was a child during the war. Perf. Staged reading, Syracuse Salt City Center, 1984. Impact Theater, NYC, May, 2007. Thirteenth Street Rep., NYC-Sept.-Nov-2007.

  • Portraits from Memory-Large cast The playwright looks back at his life through "snapshots" in time and the eyes of his childhood, adolescent, and adult self. SUNY, Cortland, 1992.

  • Public Enemy-3- males, 3 females An adaptation of Ibsen’s "An Enemy of the People," in which a young reporter discovers the impact on a small town of her expose of a pollution-causing factory. Inf. reading. Ithaca, N.Y. 1984.

  • Queen of Hearts-1 male, 1 female. An elderly couple who have been playing an elaborate "game" for many years realize that the game is over when the wife is to enter a nursing home. Perf. San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake Theatre, 1982.

  • Special Interests- 2 males, 4 females The head of a wealthy family decides that for their own good, he has to "get rid of" somebody. Perf. Staged reading, Thirteenth St. Rep-2007.

  • The Day They Traded Seaver-5 males, 3 females.An elderly Bronx shop owner finds himself haunted by his past memories of the Holocaust. Perf. So Ho Artists NYC, 1979. Equity Showcase.

One-Act Plays

  • Burger World-3 male, 2 female Life in the short-order lane. Perf. Staged reading, SUNY, Cortland, 1999.

  • Confession-2 male, 1 female A young man locks himself in his parents' bathroom and won't come out until they hear his confession. Staged reading, SUNY, Cortland, 1983, 1995.

  • Lessons in Flying-2 female A young woman who has just been released from a mental institution decides to commit suicide. Perf. Thirteenth Street Rep. NYC 1989; One Dream Theatre, NYC 1996, Impact Theatre, 2007.

  • Machine Gun-ensemble A surrealistic play with a machine gun as the central focus. SUNY, Cortland, 1969. First performed play.

  • The New Miranda-1 male, 1 female A fictional character pays a visit to her author to straighten him out about her true self. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1976, 2005, Impact Theater-August, 2007.

  • Theme and Variations-2 male, 1 female A gay couple is visited by the older man’s wife and each person has a version of what the outcome will be. Perf. SUNY, Cortland, 1980

Libretti and Books for Musicals and Operas

  • The Curious Virgin (Richard Kroot-Composer) 4 males, 2 females One-act opera about a young woman whose guardian tries to marry her off to one of three suitors. Perf: Salt City Center, Syracuse, 1978, SUNY, Cortland, 1981.

  • The Cherry Orchard (Lutz Meyer-Composer) Large cast musical adaptation of Chekhov’s play. Third Street Theatre, Ithaca, N.Y., 1983.
  • Damn that Apple! (Lutz Mayer-Composer) Musical adaptation of the Garden of Eden story from an eighteenth-century version. Ensemble. SUNY, Cortland, 1986.

  • Downsizing (Mark Simon-Composer) 2 males, 2 females. A musical satire on the corporate world of “Globalization.” Morrisville CC., N.Y. 1998.
  • The Great Impersonator (Arthur Turner-Composer) Large cast. A musical spoof on the Reagan presidency using the plot of “The Mikado.” Salt City Center, Syracuse, N.Y. 1984.

  • Mr. Natural (Mark Simon-Composer) Ensemble. Musical adaptation of some of the stories based on the cartoon characters by R. Crumb. Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 1988.

  • New World: or What Columbus Did to the Indians (Leonard Lehrman-Composer) Perf. At the After Dinner Opera Co. at Lincoln Center, Oct. 12, 1991. An opera based on incidents from Columbus’ voyage.

  • Peter Pan (Lutz Mayer Composer) Perf. Cortland, H.S. 1990’s.
  • Superspy (Leonard Lehrman-Composer) 1 male, 1 female. A musical satire on spy movies. Premiered by Helene Williams & the composer for the US Peace Committee-Paris 7/7/89.

  • A musical satire an updated version of Superspy: “The New Superspy: The Secret Musical,” will be performed at the Medicine Show in NYC on February 7, February 15 and February 23, 2014.
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