Joel Shatzky

Recent Theatre Work (2007- )

Amahlia, which was first staged in Ithaca, N.Y. in 1984, was produced in January, 2007 at Impact Theater in Brooklyn. It ran at Thirteenth Street Rep in Manhattan in May, 2007 both where it received favorable reviews: “A thought-provoking inquest into the American political conscience.” R. Nesvet, OffoffOnline. “Potent, socially conscious drama. . . . valuable viewing.“ Martin Denton Orphans, originally written in 1984, was produced at Impact in May, 2007, later moving in the Fall to Thirteenth Street Rep for a six-week run. Other of Shatzky’s works produced in 2007 were Girls of Summer (Impact, June); The New Miranda and Lessons in Flying (Impact, July); and Atonement (Queens Players, September). Other People played at Impact in April, 2008. “Baghdad Monologues” was given a staged reading at the Producer’s Club, NYC, in September, 2012;“Restoration: Vienna, 1938,” was given a staged reading at The Medicine Show, NYC in May, 2013;“Nazi” was given a staged reading by the Genesis Company; Chicago, June, 2013.

A musical satire: “The New Superspy: The Secret Musical,” will be performed at the Medicine Show in NYC on February 7, February 15 and February 23, 2014.

"The Baghdad Diaries" is to be produced at Thirteenth Street Repertory 50 East Thirteenth Street on March 13-15;20-22 2014 at 7:00 P.M. 'The Baghdad Diaries' are the voices of women: How Iraq changed their lives: one contract worker's wife, one Sunni wife, one US military wife.

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